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Strategic Studies

For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
COV7001 Academic Writing and Research Ethics 1 1 2 Major Master/Doctor SKKU Institute for Convergence Korean Yes
1) Learn the basic structure of academic paper writing, and obtain the ability to compose academic paper writing. 2) Learn the skills to express scientific data in English and to be able to sumit research paper in the international journals. 3) Learn research ethics in conducting science and writing academic papers.
ERP4001 Creative Group Study 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
This course cultivates and supports research partnerships between our undergraduates and faculty. It offers the chance to work on cutting edge research—whether you join established research projects or pursue your own ideas. Undergraduates participate in each phase of standard research activity: developing research plans, writing proposals, conducting research, analyzing data and presenting research results in oral and written form. Projects can last for an entire semester, and many continue for a year or more. SKKU students use their CGS(Creative Group Study) experiences to become familiar with the faculty, learn about potential majors, and investigate areas of interest. They gain practical skills and knowledge they eventually apply to careers after graduation or as graduate students.
NTST001 Theories of International Relations 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Theories of International Relations
NTST004 Korean government and Policy 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
The purpose of this course is to understand phenomena and characters of Korean politics. To do it, students will discuss state, political society, and civil society that build up the structure of Korean politics. Topics include the nature of the traditional state, impact of colonialism, influence of U.S.A. and Japan, political culture, political parties and elections, congress, and bureaucracy.
NTST005 Korean Political Development 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course focuses on the relationships between political and economic development in Korea. Modernization and political development theory, B.A. theory, and comparative historical studies, which purport to answer this question, are first discussed. This is followed by the analysis of politico-economic development of Korea.
NTST006 Political Parties and Elections 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Role of political parties in a democratic society. topics include nomination, national conventions, political funding, campaigns, voting behavior, party organization and party system, and the social basis of party support
NTST008 Develpoment of Korean National Assembly 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course explores history and roles of parliament which is a principal institution in the modern democratic polity through reviewing the history of Korean National Assembly. The purpose of this course is to deepen the understanding about the mechanism of parliamentary democracy.
NTST010 Seminar on National Management Strategy 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
The purpose of this course is to grope for the national survival and prosperity strategy coping with the basic structure and dynamics of world order by correct comprehension of that. This course examines policy studies and management strategy for the national development and rising of international competitive power, across all the fields within national area - politics, economics, society, administration, education, environments, national defense and scientific technique etc.
NTST012 Analysis of Public Policy 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Analysis of Public Policy
NTST018 Political Advertisement 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Political Advertisement
NTST019 Political Leadership 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Political Leadership
NTST022 Organization Management 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Organization Management
NTST027 Theory of National Security 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
National security is one of core concepts in international politics, and still an important research area. Students will study theories of national security in the traditional approach, and review its current concepts within the changing international approach and environments. In particular, logic of security developed since the second World War will be compared to one in the post-Cold War.
NTST028 North-South Korean Relations 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
North and South Korea's relations is very important parameter to measure the future of the Korean peninsula. The purpose of this course is to predict some alternatives which two Koreas should choose within confrontations and conflicts. To do this, students will study past and present of two Koreas' relations, economic cooperation, and nuclear problem. In changing power structure in the Northeast Asian region, also, students will discuss the future of two Koreas.
NTST037 Defense Policy 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Defense Policy