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Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

School of Art


Welcome to the Homepage of the School of Art


The Arts stir up a multitude of emotions through their various approaches/mediums, and allow people to express themselves in differing ways throughout their daily lives. This process ultimately improves and develops the creativity of individuals. In modern society, where industries based on emotions and cultures are important, the role and responsibility of the School of Art to educate creative, talented individuals, is more important than ever before.

Sungkyunkwan University's School of Art aims to converge the fields of art in order to overcome current societal limitations, and advance the overall importance of the arts in the globalized and contemporary world.

The 6 majors-Fine Arts, Design, Dance, Film, TV and Multimedia, Acting for Theater and Fashion Design- in the School of Art nurture creative artists who derive new values through interdisciplinary and inter-degree convergence research, respecting specialized fields of each major at the same time.

We have made efforts to realize active exchange of degree course while respecting actual field studies and professional studies of each major area. For this purpose, the School of Arts has developed independent class model and created joint area of research through close cooperation with the field, opening of joint subjects and exchange of classes, cultivating people of talent who will play a leading role in the coming century of the culture.

The School of Art invites you to visit our historic sites on the old Sungkyunkwan and participate in the myriad of programs.

Dean, School of Art