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Studies of Art (Interdisciplinary)

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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate IPA5059 The Arts and Critical Studies 3 English Yes
Students, according to their specific area of interests, are required to selected a work related with arts and various performing arts including theatre, musical, opera, dance and other performances to be followed by presenting a weekly paper and submitting a final thesis.
General Graduate IPA5048 Seminar in Arts Management 1 3 Korean Yes
A special seminar or independent study course intended to cover topics in arts management not treated by regular course offerings.
General Graduate IPA5052 Special Lecture on Arts 3 Korean Yes
For this course, special lecturers are invited bi-weekly from in and out of campus to deal with special problems for arts fields. The course work will include not only lecture-discussion but also performance attendance, master classes with artists and field trips. Students are required at the end of semester to submit a thesis on the subject of their choices.
General Graduate IPA5053 For this course, special lecturers are invited bi-weekly from in and out of campus to deal with spec 3 Korean Yes
An intensive study of aesthetics and social significances of popular and mass culture. Discusses also the artistic particularities of popular culture in modern consumer society.
General Graduate IPA5055 Arts Aesthetics 3 Korean Yes
An introductory course in understanding aesthetical theories of arts from Aristotle to the present Postmodernism.
General Graduate IPA5056 History of Western Music 3 Korean Yes
Survey of historical and theoretical concepts of western music from the 10th century to the present. Emphasis is given to an aquaintance with formal and stylistic problems through the study of representative works, and an understanding of specific musical concepts in the light of their historical and general, cultural contexts.
General Graduate IPA5058 Sociology of Arts 3 Korean Yes
Attempts to give some idea about the interactive relationships between society and the arts, how they have contributed to each other's development over the past history especially in the contemporary urban democratic society.
General Graduate IPA5060 Studies in Arts & Education 3 Korean Yes
Inquiry onto nature of the arts as educational tools with special emphasis on the teaching methods of arts.
General Graduate IPA5061 Special Issues in Plastic Arts 3 Korean Yes
This class studies and explores theories of formative art through philosophical, aesthetic, and sociological aspects through case studies of works.
General Graduate IPA5062 The Government Policies and Systems for the Arts 3 Korean Yes
A study of the problems and issues concerning laws, government policies and systems regulating arts activities in Korea since the inauguration of the government in 1946 under the light of social and political changes.
General Graduate IPA5073 cultural political economy 3 Korean Yes
This course will provide basis for the understanding of cultural industries. Issues include the concept and the scope of the cultural industry, business strategies in cultural industries, and the convergence between genres in the cultural industries.
General Graduate IPA5080 Comparative Study of Complex Culture 3 Korean Yes
It will examine mutual influences in various genre. Particularly, it's focused on the cultural influence in the first half of the 20th century.
General Graduate IPA5083 Statistics Methodology 3 Korean Yes
Recently , statistical analysis has been widely used in the arts. In particular, students who are interested in art marketing understand basic concepts and principles of statistics and develop data analysis skills.
General Graduate IPA5084 Qualitative Research Methodology 3 Korean Yes
This class introduces students to various areas of qualitative research methods that are increasing in demand to understand the in-depth behavior of consumers, and trains them to develop basic skills and knowledge that they can study independently.
General Graduate IPA5086 Technology and Cultural Arts 3 Korean Yes
This class aims at learning about the convergence of art and technology to understand the 21st century culture and arts. It aims to review recent digital technology in the background of various arts.
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