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Course & Curriculum

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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate IID5001 Understanding Design & Big Data 3 Korean Yes
Learn the concept and theoretical framework of big data and focus on learning use cases. To do this, acquire the statistical theory needed to handle big data and (R) develop the ability to leverage design-related social data through real-world data analysis using big data-related statistical packages.
General Graduate IID5002 Seminar in Design Communication and Network Theory 3 Korean Yes
The aim is to explore the understanding of the characteristics of hyperconnected societies that have been accelerating since the digital age, human-centered design based on network theory and interrelationships in communication. To this end, I learned network theory and analysis method through connection to acquire insight and analysis ability about design communication within connected network.
General Graduate IID5004 Data Based Design Practice 3 Korean Yes
Practicing using unstructured data obtained by analyzing big data, such as consumer needs and behavioral patterns, rather than data through real-time surveys.
General Graduate IID5006 Info Design and Data Visualization1 3 Korean Yes
Information visualization and data visualization training by using historical scale, ratio, color, shape, structure, directionality, layout and composition of data visualization of data visualization, information visualization using historical scale, ratio, shape, structure, direction, and visualization of information visualization role figures of layout and composition, and data visualization training, and visualizing internal dynamic of information and data consisting of text and figures. Establish visual units and systems at the visualization stage and sketch various concepts. In the process of increasing clarity and completeness of information and visualization, various expressions were studied to express tone and manners of the subject, and the emotional needs of information and data were experienced along with accurate information delivery.
General Graduate IID5007 Advanced Info Design and Data Visualization 3 Korean Yes
Information design and information delivery (storytelling) using typographic form and color, learning the step-by-step composition of information design. To train the stepwise visualization of text rather than fragmentary numerical information. To train and organize sketches of visual storytelling by collecting large amounts of text and nominating the text to suit information visualization. Experience depth and expandability of information design by applying 5 steps of information.
General Graduate IID5012 Design Trend Analysis 3 Korean Yes
The basic elements of the trend, color, material and style characteristics, are considered in general, and the latest trends in various design areas (design, space, fashion, etc.) and the latest consumer lifestyle are analyzed.
General Graduate IID5003 Big Data Analysis and Visualization 3 - No
Learn theories and methods to logically understand consumer needs through big data analysis using Amazon or Microsoft's data commercial tools.
General Graduate IID5005 Data Science for Designer 3 - No
The goal is to develop a basic understanding of the basic concepts of data science that designers must know and a basic ability to analyze practical data. To learn the process of gathering, analyzing, and processing data on their behavior, experience, etc. by focusing on real users at the center of their design strategy.
General Graduate IID5008 Design Start-up Policy Research 3 - No
Design copyright law, patent law, trademark law, and other practical legal matters that designers starting a business must prepare and respond to in the process are learned along with various examples.
General Graduate IID5009 Qualitative Research Methodology of Convergence Design 3 - No
To acquire diverse methodologies for research, analysis, and insight extraction and to use them appropriately in the process of market research, surveys, interviews, esography methodologies, and persona settings required by each brand launching strategy from the designer's perspective.
General Graduate IID5010 Design Business & Big Data 3 - No
Analyzes macro issues and develops practical decision-making skills to study idea ideas and start-up item discovery methodologies needed to create creative business models.
General Graduate IID5011 Design Thinking Workshop 3 - No
Learn and practice design thinking-based troubleshooting methodology for business innovation in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Experience the process of creating visible prototypes by developing technically possible business strategies to identify what consumers value and use them as opportunities in the marketplace.
General Graduate IID5013 Consumer Trend Study 3 - No
Understanding fast and varied consumer trends, learning the basic theory of consumer behavior based on predicting future consumer trends. Based on this, we look at the impact factors of consumer trends and learn examples of representative social phenomena in our society.
General Graduate IID5014 Design Trend and Big Data Analysis Theory 3 - No
Use big data to predict design trends and learn theories and methods to bring new design trends through big data.
General Graduate IID5015 Quantity Research Methodology of Convergence Design 3 - No
To not only conduct one's own research for the purpose of acquiring methodological knowledge and skills necessary for academic activities in the field of convergence design, but also learn the ability to read and interpret the research results of other researchers and use them for one's own research.
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