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Fashion Design

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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate FDM2001 History of Western Costume 3 English Yes
A study of History Western costume include dress, adornament and relation of art and aesthetics. Major topics in Western costume history from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Age, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo to Modern Age.
Undergraduate FDM2005 Fashion Drawing 3 English Yes
A course for developing the basic drawing skills needed for fashion design. Focus is on how to represent the human body exactly and beautifully with and without clothing .
Undergraduate FDM2023 Pattern Development 3 English Yes
The course, an introductory flat pattern making class for women’s wear, covers foundation pattern drawing of the bodice, sleeve, skirt, pants and basic assembly techniques. Flat pattern making technique is used for apparel pattern development, which is constructed using body measurements on two-dimensional media. This class covers body measurement, drawing patterns, assembly of the basic patterns, and a guide to the fundamentals of women’s fashion. It is composed of lecture, demonstration, and studio time. After completing this course, students should be comfortable creating their own designed women's wear and shaping the style into a new style, seeing the proportion, fit, and balance.
Undergraduate FDM2082 Fundamental Fashion Design 3 English Yes
This fundamental design practice course has been designed to cover all the key elements of fashion design; silhouette, detail, trimming, colour, fabric, pattern. It provides an introduction to the principles of fashion design and concentrates on the development of ideas from well explored research.
Undergraduate FDM3003 Theories in Fashion Design 3 English Yes
Based on the understanding of the design concepts, this course stresses the skills and talents required to achieve fashion design appropriate for the consumer needs. Each student will apply the concept from theory of fashion design through a practical train of design and have the fundamental attainments as a fashion designer.
Undergraduate FDM3037 Fashion Retailing 3 English Yes
This course focuses on the retailer's role in fashion distribution, changing retail environment and integrated fashion retail distribution and information system.
Undergraduate FDM3053 Fashion Business 3 English Yes
Students study the critical elements of fashion business such as textile and fabric industry, women's apparel, men's apparel, accessories, and cosmetics as well as domestic and global fashion markets by applying related theory and case analysis. Also, this course may use english textbook, if necessary.
Undergraduate FDM3082 Ethnic Costumes 3 English Yes
This course studies systematically the history of various nations' folklore costume. Grounded in the history of the western and Korean costume, students systematize the costume history of many other countries, and with the knowledge of many folklore costumes, students can create modern designs.
Undergraduate FDM2004 Fashion and Culture 3 Korean Yes
As fashion is an expressive culture of society and culture, major topics of this course deal with interrelationships among dress, and culture and socio-cultural environment.
Undergraduate FDM2007 Computer Aided Fashion Design 3 Korean Yes
This course is to make a portfolio, which is essential in this age of information, through CAD by applying the basic computer skills to fashion trend analysis and process in planning products. Major topics include understanding shopping reports, fashion trend analysis, and working with illustrator and photoshop.
Undergraduate FDM2009 Basic Textile Science 3 Korean Yes
A study of textile materials with special emphasis on factors which affect their appearance and performance. Students learn the properties of natural and man-made fibers and methods of fiber identification.
Undergraduate FDM2011 Applied Textile Science 3 Korean Yes
A study of characteristics of woven constructions including yarn spinning, size and types, and their effects on woven cloth aesthetics and properties. A variety of weave types is analyzed with attention to methodology of grading fabrics for industrial production.
Undergraduate FDM2019 Fashion and Consumer Psychology 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to introduce an interdisciplinary approach including sociology, psychology, consumer behavior, and cultural studies in order to understand the relationships between fashion and consumer behavior. Major topics include fashion and self concept, personality, conformity, stratification and impression formation.
Undergraduate FDM2020 Construction of Korean Clothing 3 Korean Yes
This course is to learn specific character and construction principle of Korean costume. Through actual manufacturing process, students can understand the beauty and splendor of Korean costume and create modernized Korean costume which can be used in everyday life.
Undergraduate FDM2022 Draping 3 Korean Yes
Exploration of pattern making by draping techniques with emphasis on experiencing interaction of fabric hands and behaviors with style features and representing designer's fashion ideas onto a apparel form.
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