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College Leadership

Dean of the College

Position Name Office Phone Email
Dean Kim, Bi-Hwan #61511 Suseon Hall 02)760-0387  


Dean of Graduate Schools

Position Name Office Phone Email
Dean, Graduate School of Governance Moon, Sang Ho #20430 Law School Building 02)760-0367  
Dean, Graduate School of Strategic Studies Kim, Tae Hyo #51211 Hoam Hall 02)760-0389  
Dean, Graduate School of Media and Culture Seo, Mihye #40417 Faculty Hall 02)760-0686  
Dean, Graduate School of Social Welfare Kim, Kihyun #40418호 Faculty Hall 02)760-0638  


Department Chairs

Department Chair Office Phone Email
Public Administration Nam, Taewoo #40502 Faculty Hall 02)760-0372  
Political Science and Diplomacy Cha, Taesuh #40308 Faculty Hall 02)760-0388  
Media and Communication Lee, Se Young #50505 Hoam Hall 02)740-1775  
Sociology Kim, Ji Bum #40513 Faculty Hall 02)760-0690  
Social Welfare Choi, Heejeong #50904 Hoam Hall  02)760-0559  
Psychology Park, Hyung In #40414 Faculty Hall 02)760-0499  
Consumer Science Hwang, Hye Sun #51008 Hoam Hall 02)760-0519  
Child Psychology and Education Choi, In Soo #51007 Hoam Hall 02)760-0530  
Human Resource Development (Graduate) Choi, In Soo #51007 Hoam Hall 02)760-0530  
Global Leader (Undergraduate) Moon, Byunggeor #50702 Hoam Hall 02)760-0697  
Governance (Graduate) Chung, Il Hwan # 40415 Faculty Hall    


Research Institute Directors

Institute Director Office Phone Email
Institute for Social Science Kim, Bi-Hwan Suseon Hall #61511 02)760-0387  
Social Welfare Institute Lee, Hyuk Koo Faculty Hall #40407 02)760-0632  
Applied Psychology Institute Choi, Hoon Seok Faculty Hall #40321 02)760-0494  
Media Culture Contents Institute Lee, Se Young Hoam Hall #50505 02)740-1775  
Policy Evaluation Research Institute Park, Hyung Jun Faculty Hall #40323 02)760-0407  
Leadership and Public Management Institute Kim, Keun Sei Law School Building #20428 02)760-0366  
International Information Policy E-Government Institute Kwon, Gi Heon Suseon Hall #61909 02)760-0363  
Sustainable Urban Development Institute Bae, Suho Faculty Hall #40324 02)760-0443  
Research Institute for Human Life Sciences Chung, Jae Eun Hoam Hall #50502 02)760-0508  
Governance Research Center Kong, Dong Sung Law School Building #20429 02)760-0375  
Research Center for Better Democracy Cho, Won Bin Faculty Hall #40405 02)760-0385  
Human Rights and Development Center Koo, Jeong-Woo Faculty Hall #40428 02)760-0445  
Public Human Resources Development Research Center Park, Sung Min Faculty Hall #40223 02)760-0676