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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Social Science


Thank you for visiting Sungkyunkwan University’s College of Social Sciences website.

Since its establishment in 1398, Sungkyunkwan University has been the nation’s premier talent-producing institution, becoming home to countless distinguished scholars and influential leaders. Following this tradition, the College of Social Sciences has provided quality education and research opportunities for Korea’s future leaders in the social sciences, an academic discipline that systematically and scientifically explores human society.


The College of Social Sciences is committed to the University’s fundamental value of educating future leaders through theoretical scholarship and practical application that are founded on democratic principles. The College devotes its resources to developing well-rounded and cultured thinkers for interdisciplinary scholarship, creative problem solvers and entrepreneurs for the digital age, and global leaders for an interconnected society.


The College has eight departments in Public Administration, Political Science and Diplomacy, Journalism and Mass Communications, Sociology, Social Welfare, Psychology, Consumer and Family Science, and Child Psychology and Education, as well as two undergraduate interdisciplinary programs in Human Resource Development and Cognitive Science. And with special and professional graduate schools, such as Graduate School of Governance, Graduate School of Strategic Studies, Graduate School of Communication and Journalism, Graduate School of Social Welfare, Graduate School of Human Life Science, and the Graduate School of Culture Management, the College also offers professional degrees at the masters level. Specialized education for youth and re-training programs for mid-career professionals are also part of the College’s academic vision.


In addition, the College and its 14 research centers have been leading a variety of research projects in regards to both the public and private sectors, resulting in groundbreaking implications for policy work at the government and civil society levels.


With a rich and historical foundation in education and research, the College of Social Sciences will lead Sungkyunkwan University’s advancement. We anticipate your continued interest in the College’s development.


Thank you.


Myung-Yong Um, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Social Sciences