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Mission & Vision


The College of Social Sciences has done its best to satisfy the goal of university education, to foster a leader who can contribute to the country and human society through:

  • Democratic education based on research and Confucianism
  • In-depth academic theory and teaching of application methods
  • Fostering global talents in the area of social science
  • Meeting the ideal image of the university (that is, a cultured person with excellent ability and good personality)
  • A professional who will create new value in the digital era with creative thinking and the spirit of challenge
  • A leader with global competence who can contribute to human society



  • The Front Runner of Creative Communication in Social Sciences
  • The Cradle for Knowledge Convergence
  • The Hub of Human Networks in the Globe



(1) Implement the Environment for Creative Communications
  • Organize curriculums based on knowledge convergence and fusion
  • Encourage start-ups and contests for SKKU members
  • Designate 'Social Science Day' to promote good fellowships among SKKU members


(2) Enhance the Ability to Research in Social Sciences
  • Medium and long-term strategy for sustainable growth of Institute for Social Sciences
  • Establish strategy for winning national projects
  • Build and intensify researching cluster


(3) Seek the Hub of the Global Network
  • Develop global education programs (textbooks, class)
  • Multi strategies for foreign students
  • Support for building relationships among foreign students