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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate SOC2001 Sociological Theory 3 Korean Yes
Classical theorists who have contributed to the birth and growth of sociology (e.g. Comte, Marx, Durkheim, Pareto, Weber, etc.) will be introduced, and their influence on the formation and development of modern sociological theories will be scrutinized. And then, major perspectives of modern sociological theory--functionalism, conflict theory, social exchange theory, symbolic interactionism, and ethnomethodology--are introduced. Emphasis is laid on the critical evaluation of major theorists' works.
Undergraduate SOC2002 Social Stratification 3 - No
The aim of this course is to help the students to obtain a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the structural inequality in a society. The course covers a variety of theoretical perspectives related to social stratification and class, methodological approaches frequently used for stratification research including mobility table analysis and structural equation models, various forms of stratification system, process and consequences of stratification, and social mobility. Needless to say, those phenomena related to social stratification in Korean society is one of the main concerns of this course.
Undergraduate SOC2003 Political Sociology 3 Korean Yes
This course is primarily concerned with the social bases of political phenomena. In this introductory course, such topics as political power, voting behavior and political movements are discussed in light of several sociological perspectives.
Undergraduate SOC2004 Sociology of Work and Occupation 3 - No
Historical transition of work and occupations is introduced. Special attention is paid to such issues as how the work is organized, how occupational segregation is related with social control, what the subculture of each occupation is, etc. Various kinds of rewards people get from work as well as their negative aspect--social inequality through work--are also reviewed.
Undergraduate SOC2005 Sociology of Marriage and Family 3 English Yes
Study of the structure of family, interaction patterns among family members, and the relationship between family and society, and the like are introduced. Also dealt with are such related topics as marriage processes, factors associated with success or failure in marriage, etc.
Undergraduate SOC2006 Deviance and Crime 3 Korean Yes
Theories and empirical studies of the causes and consequences of deviant behavior and criminal behavior will be dealt with in this course. Also dealt with is the social control to the deviant and criminal behavior.
Undergraduate SOC2007 Social Change 3 Korean Yes
This course studies the change processes in the structure and human relations of the society. Main emphasis is given to theoretical perspectives and related issues on the basic patterns of change processes, factors contributory to change, and resulting effects.
Undergraduate SOC2008 Sociology of Culture 3 Korean Yes
This course examines cultural practices and cultural products as they relate to other aspects of society, with emphasis on such issues as the relationship between culture and society, cultural change, popular culture and high culture, etc.
Undergraduate SOC2011 Sociology of Religion 3 Korean Yes
Religion is one of the oldest social institutions. Thus, it is hardly surprising that religion has been treated as an important research area from the very inception of sociology. This course focuses on the sociological aspects of religion including religious experiences, religious organization, and social and cultural consequences of religion.
Undergraduate SOC2012 Socialization and Personality 3 - No
The major topics of this course consist of socialization process, its underlying mechanisms, and, as its outcome, personality understood in terms of its structure and types. Class discussions will focus on major theories developed to explain the structural make-up of human personality and the processes of socialization that underlie the formation of varying types of personality, and also findings from empirical researches related to the topics above.
Undergraduate SOC2013 Industrial Sociology 3 Korean Yes
What characterizes industrial society? After introducing the historical formation of industrial society, post-industrial society, and digital society, this course surveys such topics as the industrial and post-industrial structures in Korea, women's economic activities, industrial organization, work organization, labor market and wages, labor process, labor relations, labor policy and laws, worker consciousness, and the humanization of the labor.
Undergraduate SOC2014 Population and Future Society 3 Korean Yes
How do low fertility and aging affect the future of our society? Demographic change serves as a key impetus for social change and a key determinant for economic growth, educational opportunities, political participation, consumption, and cultural life. This course studies the causes of demographical changes, and their impacts on social and institutional life from a comparative perspective.
Undergraduate SOC2015 Social Movements and Political Participation 3 English Yes
What leads to collective action and social movements? What are the processes and consequence of social movements? As individuals become increasingly empowered, it opens the door for more participation from citizens and netizens. Organized social movements are examined together with relatively unorganized, spontaneous, collective human behavior as manifested in crowds and mobs. Social movements are about organizing on a local, national, or international level to bring people together in order to affect change in society. We will approach the study of social movements from a sociological perspective, through which we will examine how movements form, how they accomplish their goals, and the forces that work in opposition to social movements.
Undergraduate SOC2016 Socialization and Personality 3 Korean Yes
This course deals with interpersonal relations at the micro societal level. It focuses on how personality and individual attitudes are formed, and how the self arises from social interactions. It explores how the self constructs institutions, builds national societies, and contributes to the rise of global society. Class discussions will also focus on major theories developed to explain the structural make-up of human personality and the processes of socialization that underlie the formation of varying types of personality and individual attitudes, which include stereotyping, prejudice, hatred, and discrimination.
Undergraduate SOC3001 Practice in Social Research 3 Korean Yes
Participation in research activities supervised by the instructor. This course is designed to give students practical experience of applying research procedures and techniques to the actual research situation.
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