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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate PSD2006 International Political Economy 3 English Yes
The purpose of this course is to study various theories and aproaches in international political economy, and to testeify their applicabilities to the real world. To do it, students will criticize the logic of realism, liberalism, and Marxism in international political economy.
Undergraduate PSD2007 Modern Political Ideologies 3 English Yes
An examination of major 20th century political ideologies, giving special emphasis on their historical origins, evolutionary paths and influences on modern political process. Liberalism, Conservatism, Marxism, Facsism and some new important ideologies such as feminism and environmentalism are examined.
Undergraduate PSD2023 International Relations in East Asia 3 English Yes
East Asia is under most dynamic transition in military, political, economic, and socio-cultural aspects. In Northeast Asia, major powers' interests intersect with Korean Peninsula. In Southeast Asia, changing relations among ASEAN countries are creating a new regional order. Examining the relevance of existing international relations theories to East Asia, the course analyzes international relations in East Asia and its future.
Undergraduate PSD3005 History of Western Political Thought Ⅰ 3 English Yes
An intensive survey of the development of political ideas from ancient Greece to the medieval period. Emphasis will be given to plato, Aristotle, Cicero, certain ideas of the old and New Testaments, St. Augustine, St.Thomas Aquinas, Luther and Calvin.
Undergraduate PSD3021 U.S Foreign Policy 3 English Yes
This class aims to understand US foreign policy in general and US-Asia relations in particular as academic subjects. In the first part, we will analyze the foundations and history of American grand strategy through the lens of International Relations theory. In the second part, the topic of US-East Asia relations will be investigated after exploring the decision-making processes of American foreign policy.
Undergraduate PSD3031 International Cooperation and Development 3 English Yes
This course provides students with intellectual tools and practical skills required to function creatively and effectively in the world of development – be this as a researcher, manager, practitioner or activist. Students are encouraged to develop analytical and practical strategies for international cooperation and development.
Undergraduate PSD3032 Comparative Political Institutions 3 English Yes
This course examines the domestic politics and government in democratic countries with emphasis on political institutions. Students can learn the theoretical issues of political institutions and decision-making process and understand how political institutions both constrain decision makers and provide them with opportunities. This course provides students with a framework for understanding major political outcomes.
Undergraduate PSD3063 National Security and Statecraft 3 English Yes
The course [National Security and Statecraft] is an area where security theory and security policy are combined, and particularly, the processes in which security policies are formulated and implemented is intensively explored. In other words, all factors affecting the judgment of the president and his/her staff at the apex of the national security policies are reviewed and analyzed. Various relevant variables across the first, second, and third images are analyzed, including international environment, domestic politics, leader's perception and philosophy of state affairs. The class utilizes analytic frames in various fields of social science, including sociology, psychology, economics, and statistics as well as political science. Students learn merging the theory and practice of national security through case studies, presentations, and discussions.
Undergraduate PSD3065 Modern European Political Culture 3 English Yes
This course examines the political culture of Western Europe, from which the leading paradigms of modern and contemporary political ideologies and institutions have emerged, by focusing on the major ideological works and debates since the 20th century. This course aims to help participants understand the basic ideological framework of major political issues in Europe and explore current political issues in depth. In each semester, several major issues (eg, multiculturalism, populism, regional integration, the role of the state, etc.) are selected, and major literatures are read and discussed which inform them.
General Graduate PSD5094 Seminar on International Political Economy 3 English Yes
An advanced seminar course discussing students individual research design on selected topics of international political economy. Each class consists of presentations and discussion. One research paper is required.
General Graduate PSD5098 National Strategy 3 English Yes
The course aims to understand national security strategy, combining theory and practice. The ROK's desirable foreign policy toward key regions, countries, and institutions will be discussed. Changing trends in security paradigms and critical issues will also be considered.
General Graduate PSD5102 Seminar on US Foreign Policy 3 English Yes
This course examines two connected themes to understand the domestic sources of America’s singular approach to the outside world and its implications for our contemporary political situation. The first half of the course will explore diverse definitions and theoretical explanations of various variables inside/outside US society. The second half of the course will investigate the political/academic debates surrounding the role of internal/external factors in US foreign policy.
General Graduate PSD5122 Public Diplomacy and Soft Power 3 English Yes
This graduate-level seminar course introduces functions and cases of public diplomacy. The roles of civilian diplomacy are expanding as much as those of government-led public diplomacy. This course vividly introduces various aspects of public diplomacy covering both theory and reality. Working-level experts including scholars and diplomats, who worked at the site of public diplomacy, will participate in the operation of the omnibus special lecture.
General Graduate PSD7001 online preparatory course on political science 1 English Yes
This is a compulsory online study guide provided to new M.A. and Ph.D. students in the department of political science at Sungkyunkwan University. Because new graduate students’ nationality and academic background are various, the faculty of the department introduces their respective courses and guides them on how to study political science in advanced level. After taking the online course, students must submit a summary and appreciation of it to the chairman of the department.
Undergraduate PSD2002 Comparative Politics 3 Korean Yes
This class starts with the methodological issue in comparative politics, i.e., we compare why, what, and how. The clas traces the question why some countries are economically developed while some others not, and why some countries go to democracy while some others experience dictatorial and authoritarian politics. Readings will include the literatures of modernization, dependency, corporatism,authoritarianism, liberalization, and democratization.
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