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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate SWF2005 Social Welfare Practice Direction 3 English Yes
Introduction to basic skills and techniques of social work intervention in problem situations at individual, family and group levels.
Undergraduate SWF2007 Community Welfare 3 English Yes
Community organizing means bringing people together to combat shared problems. It provides the means through which people work together to increase their control over decisions that affect them. This course is designed to focus on macro levels of social work intervention with and within larger systems. It emphasizes providing students with a basic grounding in social work macro practice, as well as an overview of the theoretical and conceptual literature, and a model for analysis of each of these arenas.
Undergraduate SWF2009 Child Welfare 3 English Yes
This course is designed to understand definitions of child welfare, services policies for the children. It is aimed to promote general welfare of the society through the development of child welfare programs akin to its environment. It also covers areas of practice related issues and skills that may be helpful to the development of social welfare.
Undergraduate SWF2011 Social Work with the Aged 3 English Yes
This course begins with general overview of contemporary problems faced by the elderly. This includes their psychosocial aspects, health and economic issues, retirement, their social life and recreation. It further explores important issues like economic security, medical insurance, housing policy, home-bound welfare services, nursery, and volunteer programs for the elderly, as well as sex, death and grievance.
Undergraduate SWF2014 Social Work with Families 3 English Yes
This course is designed to understand family structure, functions, family dynamics and its problems. It covers family counseling and treatment, family policy and current service issues that may be necessary to develop effective policies and programs.
Undergraduate SWF2029 Intimate Relationships 3 English Yes
This course introduces the scientific study of human intimacy and relationships, surveying theory and research that provide the most up-to-date answers to questions such as: “What characterizes intimate relationships?”; “How do intimate relationships work?”; “What makes them succeed or fail?”; “How can we make them better?” We will also look into the ways in which individual health and well-being are closely tied to intimate relationship quality and stability. In the process, we will highlight personal, interpersonal, and sociocultural factors and processes that influence intimate relationships.
General Graduate SWF5065 Study of the Social Welfare Theory 3 English Yes
Studies in Social Welfare Theories We will study the social science theories concerned with a social welfare policy and a social work, and search for their implications
General Graduate SWF5098 New Normal Age Children's Rights and New Social Services 3 English Yes
The contemporary Korean society is experiencing changes in social, cultural and economic environment and family structure and function. There is a gap between the contemporary view of understanding children and the realization of these values and goals in real social services. This graduate seminar aims to understand the conceptual and methodological basis for analyzing child abuse issues, which are representative issues of child rights, and to analyze the actual social service from the perspective of children's rights and to find new ways for social services to move forward. Through this course, students will practice creative thinking to foster the concept of children's rights and the ability to analyze child abuse, and to propose new directions and specific measures for social services based on critical reviews of the status quo.
Undergraduate SWF2001 Introduction to Social Welfare 3 Korean Yes
This course provides students with a basic framework for understanding the field of social welfare. This course surveys the philosophy, history & services of social welfare as well as its values, methords & practice settings of the social work profession.
Undergraduate SWF2002 Human Behavior and Social Environment 3 Korean Yes
The main focus of this course is on assessment, i. e., understanding the underlying reasons why people act the way they do and evaluating the strengths and deficits in the development of people. One of the primary steps in the helping process is assessment. Assessment involves evaluating some human condition or situation and making decisions about what aspects of the behavior or situation need to be changed.
Undergraduate SWF2003 Social Welfare Policy 3 Korean Yes
This course focuses on major social policy contents regarding definition, history, socioeconomic conditions for the development of policy formulations, relationship between social policy and the market economy, conflicts among various sections of the society with relation to social policy, social policy programs in the developed countries such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan and Sweden. This course further explores the critical evaluations and alternatives of social welfare policy in Korea.
Undergraduate SWF2004 Social Work Practice Theories 3 Korean Yes
This course provides a beginning understanding of the key concepts, values and perspectives concerned with direct practice with individuals, groups and families. It presents a variety of intervension skills, and provides opportunities to make use of those skills in role plays. Content includes: helping relationships, interview techniques, recording, case study, assessment, contracts, intervention, evaluation and termination. This course put emphasis on a case finding and role play on it.
Undergraduate SWF2006 Social Welfare Administration 3 Korean Yes
This course deals with theory and practice in the management and administration of the social services. It focuses on the various areas of responsibility of the administrator/manager including planning, directing, and controlling. Course content will include material on staffing, budgeting, external and public relations, and the use of managenent technology. Discussion will also center on management philosophies and styles, various theories of motivation, and types of organizational incentives.
Undergraduate SWF2008 Social Problem 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to examine various definitions and theories of social problems and to understand characteristics and causes of each problem areas such as urbanization, poverty, woman, education, child rearing, juvenile delinquency, crime, the elderly, family, runaway, divorce, environment, population, public health, leisure, alcohol, drug, suicide, and religious clan based on experimental materials and observation. This course also explores the conceptual models of problem solving methods through class discussion.
Undergraduate SWF2012 Social Work with the Handicapped 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to provide a general overview of the subject of physicaland mental disability at a practical level through the use of lectures, exercises, assignments, and case histories. The main emphasis is toward adult life. Covering the Whole range of disability may not be possible, but may of the situations dealt with in the class settings are directly transferable to a variety of different circumstances. This will help promote social work students'understandings of various needs of the people with disability as well as their family members.
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