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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate KID3046 Teaching-Learning Methods for Young Children 3 English Yes
Introduce to the various teaching-learning processes for young children and learn how to teach young children according to educational activities of teaching skills to improve the growth and development of young children.
General Graduate KID5133 Developmental Psychopathology in Childhood and Adolescence 3 English Yes
Comprehensive overview of a developmental approach to psychopathology. Disturbances will be located within the traditional developmental periods of infancy, preschool, middle childhood, and adolescence.
Undergraduate KID2001 Developmental Psychology 3 Korean Yes
Systematic overview of the current knowledge concerning children's cognitive, language, social and emotional development.
Undergraduate KID2003 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 Korean Yes
Understand the theoretical foundations of early childhood education and know the key concept, knowledge, and principle of early childhood education.
Undergraduate KID2004 Children's Literature 3 Korean Yes
Children's literature has become increasingly important in today's childhood education. The primary purpose of this course is to cover educational theory and practice as well as children’s literature itself. It introduces how to appreciate and evaluate children's literature.
Undergraduate KID2005 Exceptional Children 3 Korean Yes
Introduction to different categories of exceptionality, with emphasis on cause, characteristics, early diagnosis, and educational intervention.
Undergraduate KID2007 Observational Strategies for the Child Study 3 Korean Yes
Identify developmental processes and tasks from birth through eight, and observe the developmental levels of each stage by means of various observational strategies.
Undergraduate KID2008 Basic Behavioral Statistics 3 Korean Yes
Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics, including basic conceptsand interpretation of the data.
Undergraduate KID2020 Social Movements and Social Change led by children and adolescent 3 Korean Yes
Despite the long history of social movements, the emergence of collective mobilization among children and adolescent has been relatively recent. This course will examine social movements in relation to children and adolescent, as well as changes that the ratification of the CRC has brought about in their agency and the role of adults in advocating for children and adolescent. Improving children and adolescent to become their own defender will be addressed. We will also examine how modern technology, social institutions, and environment affect social movements as they strive for social change.
Undergraduate KID2050 Child Rights 3 Korean Yes
The purpose of this course is to familiarize the students of the meaning of childhood and about the rights of the child. The student will be able to understand the meaning of childhood, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the meaning of children's rights as they apply to all aspects of children's lives.
Undergraduate KID3001 Psychology of Adolescence 3 Korean Yes
Introduction to the psychosocial, socioemotional, cognitive and moral development of adolescents with their interactions with peer, adults and the culture, and overview of problems associated with adolescent years.
Undergraduate KID3008 Parent-Child Relationships 3 Korean Yes
Study of patterns and dynamics in parent-child relationships and attachment issues in contemporary perspectives. Including Implications for parenting styls and intervention programs for child rearing practices.
Undergraduate KID3009 Parent Education 3 Korean Yes
Analyze the interaction of parent-child, parent-teacher, and the sequence of home and early childhood centers, and introduce the theoretical trends and the practical issues of parenting.
Undergraduate KID3012 Early Childhood Curriculum 3 Korean Yes
Understand the components of a curriculum framework such as purpose, content, teaching methods, and evaluation, and introduce the structure and organization of Korean early childhood curriculum promulgated by the Ministry of Education
Undergraduate KID3025 Clinical Child Psychology 3 Korean Yes
Introduction to the cause, characteristics, and treatment of childhood emotional/behavioral disorders. DSM Ⅳ classification system will be introduced.
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