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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate PAD2007 Public Financial Administration 3 English Yes
Analysis of the fiscal role of government in a mixed economy, sources of public revenue and credit, administative, political and institutional aspects of the budget and the budgeting process and problems and trends in inter governmentl financial relations.
Undergraduate PAD2009 Urban Administration 3 English Yes
The lecture will discuss the structure, function, and process of urban administration, with special emphasis on the origin, content, and implementation process of urban politics. Special attention is given to those areas of location of public facility, urban structure, and urban information systems. The lecture also deals with the topics of housing, transportation, land use, environment, and citizen participation.
Undergraduate PAD2010 Theories of Bureaucracy 3 English Yes
Study of the nature of bureaucracy of the macro and micro level of analysis. Included are topics on the environment of public administration and functional and disfunctional aspects of bureaucracy as disclosed in the realities of the Korean public bureaucracy.
Undergraduate PAD3006 Intergovernmental Relations 3 English Yes
Intergovernmental Relations discuss the horizental relations among government agencies and vertical relations between the central government and local governments. This course further reviews the kind of those relations, i.e., corporation and conflict and the strategies of conflict resolution.
Undergraduate PAD3008 Policy Evaluation 3 English Yes
There are three major objectives for this course. The first is to explore the nature of and approach to policy evaluation. The second is to understand policy evaluation as scientific research activities. The third is to look at evaluation activities performed in a political and administrative process of the Korean government. Finally, we will try to develop how to effectively utilize the evaluation results.
Undergraduate PAD3009 Welfare Administration 3 English Yes
In modern capitalist society social policy pools the risk of social contingencies and provides social protection to weaker members of society. However, the extent of social protection and services are partly dependent on the configuration of social interest and political support. The financial and administrative capability of the state is also a determinant of the social welfare system. In this class, student will be offered a introduction to the welfare state through a comparative perspective. This class will also deals with issues related to health care, public pensions and unemployment benefits.
Undergraduate PAD3024 Environmental Governance and Environmental Policy 3 English Yes
Thepurposeofthiscourseistointroducevariouspolicyissuesregardingnaturalresourcesandenvironment.Thiscoursewillhelpstudentstounderstandthepublicpolicyprocessinnaturalresourcesandenvironmentalareas,includingpolicyagendasetting,policymaking,policyimplementation,policyevaluation,andpolicyanalysis. Thiscoursecoversvariouslocal,regional,transnational,andglobalissuesrelatedtonaturalresourcesandenvironment.Theyincludeglobalclimatechange,bio-diversitydestruction,waterpollution,wastewatertreatment,airpollution,industrialwastes,garbage,solidwaste. Inthiscourse,wewilldiscussaboutthedevelopmentofnaturalresourcesandenvironmentalpolicyinKorea,andtheincreasingimportanceofenvironmentalismintheglobalcontext.Wewillalsolearnenvironmentalimpactassessmentandvariousmethodssuchascost-benefitanalysis,riskanalysis,feasibilityanalysis,hedonicpricemethods,andtravelcostmethods.
Undergraduate PAD3032 Disaster Management 3 English Yes
As the frequency and intensity of disasters increases around the world, there has been a strong effort to emphasize disaster risk reduction as the primary focus of disaster management. This course will introduce the types and classifications of disasters, the disaster management cycle, and public administration's role in making society more safe. There will be study of both international and Korean disaster management organizations, current research findings in effective disaster management, and case studies.
Undergraduate PAD3033 Behavioral Public Administration 3 English Yes
Behavioral Public Administration is contributing increasingly relevant insights for more effective public policy since the turn of the century. The recent awarding of the Nobel Prize for Economics Science to Richard Thaler for his work on the psychological influences on economic behavior confirms that this nascent field is worthy of study for students of governance. Special issues of major public administration journals and a steady stream of articles confirm that the subject – heretofore deemed “Behavioral Public Administration” – is relevant to today’s curriculum. While behavioral public administration has been developing its research agenda in (primarily) European and American institutions, it is beginning to spread around the globe. This course will introduce the foundations of behavioral public administration, starting with the insights of Herbert Simon. The major findings of behavioral economics, important experiments, empirically verified concepts, and applications for public policy will be reviewed. Students will have active discussion and research tasks to internalize the lessons for their respective academic tracks. The expectation is that students will be able to identify opportunities to apply behavioral public administration for policies in their own area of interest and demonstrate that learning in a comprehensive concept report assignment.
Undergraduate PAD3038 Digital Government and Information Systems 3 English Yes
This course aims to theoretically discuss the technology-driven change in public management, citizen-government relationships, and governance. A variety of practices using new technologies and applications including Internet of Things, cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence are explored.
Undergraduate PAD3041 Intelligent Society and Information Policy 3 English Yes
This course aims to discuss how an increasing amounts of data and information are used and managed for public management, citizen-government relationships, and governance in the intelligent information society. How recent changes in information policies have influenced government operations and citizens are explored through case studies.
Undergraduate PAD2001 Theories of Policy Sciences 3 Korean Yes
Theoretical approach to policy contents such as policies, policy outcomes, and policy processes, formulation, implementation and evaluation.
Undergraduate PAD2002 Personnel Administration 3 Korean Yes
This course examines basic ideas, theories, systems and trends of manpower policy and/orpersonnel management of public officials. The course also includesefficiency andeffectiveness in the management of government bureaucracy.
Undergraduate PAD2003 Constitutional Law 3 Korean Yes
Overview of the structure and principles of Korean Constitutional Law. Examination of constitutional human rights and other fundamental legal systems.
Undergraduate PAD2004 Administration and Economy 1:Microeconomics 3 Korean Yes
This course emphasizes the nature of decision-making by consumers, firms, and governments, and the effect of these decisions on the allocation of resources - land, labor and capital. A central issue is to establish the meaning of "efficiency" in resource allocation, and to understand what is necessary if the resources in the economy are to be allocated efficiently. We will investigate the conditions under which a market economy is able to secure an efficient allocation of society’s resources, and explore how the public sector has an important role to play in a market economy like ours. The role of the public sector is of central concern if private markets fail. We will study the ways in which private market failure exists, and the possible response of government to this failure.
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