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Faculty - Public Administration

  • Assistant Professor Transportation policy
  • SHIN, EUN JIN 홈페이지 바로가기

Research Interest

Transportation policy, Urban planning, Spatial analysis, Urban inequality, Open data 


  • Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Development, University of Southern California (2017)
  • Master of Urban Planning, University of Washington (2012)
  • Master of Urban Design, Seoul National University (2010)
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil, Urban and Geosystem Engineering, Seoul National University (2008)


  • 2019.9-present
  • Tenure-track Assistant professor
  • Department of Public Administration and Graduate School of Governance, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), S. Korea
  • 2017.7-2019.6
  • Tenure-track Assistant professor
  • Urban Studies, Yale-NUS College, Singapore

Journal Article

  • (2022)  Polycentricity and the evolution of metropolitan spatial structure.  GROWTH AND CHANGE.  53,  2
  • (2021)  A comparative study of bike-sharing systems from a user's perspective: An analysis of online reviews in three US regions between 2010 and 2018.  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION.  15,  12
  • (2021)  Exploring the causal impact of transit fare exemptions on older adults' travel behavior: Evidence from the Seoul metropolitan area.  TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE.  149, 
  • (2020)  Commuter benefits programs: Impacts on mode choice, VMT, and spillover effects.  TRANSPORT POLICY.  94, 
  • (2020)  Disparities in access to opportunities across neighborhoods types: a case study from the Los Angeles region.  TRANSPORTATION.  47,  2
  • (2019)  The impacts of rail transit on the lives and travel experiences of women in the developing world: Evidence from the Delhi Metro.  CITIES.  88, 
  • (2019)  Self-employment and Travel Behavior: A Case Study of Workers in Central Puget Sound.  TRANSPORT POLICY.  73, 
  • (2018)  Does zoning help or hinder transit-oriented (re)development?.  URBAN STUDIES.  55,  8
  • (2018)  Can a car-centric city become transit oriented? Evidence from Los Angeles.  Cityscape.  20,  1
  • (2017)  Unraveling the Effects of Residence in an Ethnic Enclave on Immigrants’ Travel Mode Choices.  JOURNAL OF PLANNING EDUCATION AND RESEARCH.  37,  4
  • (2017)  Automobile Dependence and Physical Inactivity: Insights from the California Household Travel Survey.  JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT & HEALTH.  6, 
  • (2017)  First/last mile Transit Access as an Equity Planning Issue.  TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE.  103, 
  • (2017)  Ethnic neighborhoods, social networks, and inter-household carpooling: A comparison across ethnic minority groups.  JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT GEOGRAPHY.  59, 

Conference Paper

  • (2021)  지하철 무임승차제도와 고령인구의 모빌리티.  대한국토 도시계획학회 포용도시연구위원회 4차 세미나.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2020)  Spillover effects of commuter benefits programs.  The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) workshop: “Low-Carbon Transport: A Global Perspective ”.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2020)  문화예술 향유 기회의 공간적 형평성 분석에 대한 연구: 시카고 거리예술축제를 중심으로.  대한국토도시계획학회 YSS (Young scholar society) 10월 세미나.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2019)  공간정보분석과 행정정책연구.  한국행정대회 동계학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  • (2019)  소셜미디어를 활용한 교통시스템 평가: 미국대도시를 중심으로.  한국정책학회 추계학술대회.  KOREA, REPUBLIC OF